“Two roads diverged… and I took the one less travelled by.”
Robert Frost

The words of Robert Frost have become age old adage when pursuing the myriad of life’s infinite choices. Consequences notwithstanding, the saying is innately imbued with hope; the prospect that perhaps our apparent worldview may not necessarily always be the solid foundation of our understanding of the universe – and of our existence.

For human beings are innately creatures of habit, knowing that there is comfort in repetition; a sense of security that everything will always be there as it is – as it should be. Perhaps it’s this perceived sense of security, one that makes us feel safe and unwilling to get out of our comfort zone. How, then, do we reconcile with a differing worldview when pride gets the better of us – when our ego is put on the line.

The realization that each and every person on this planet has an equally vivid and complex experience of this existence gives us a choice to embrace a different perspective. When we travel, we’re empowered with a broaden mind. So when two roads diverge, the unknown doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.