Mankind, with all its achievements and tribulations, would marvel at the insignificance of their existence. To stand before such a mountainous entity, as is Fuji, is both a humbling and awesome experience.

To some extent, one should be fearful of the living and breathing channel of earthly wrath. To exist in proximity of its grand appearance is stark reminder that our earthly presence is a mere fleeting moment in the grand scheme of nature’s design; we will come and go but nature will prevail when entropy and its works clear the slate.

As fleeting as the moment the thought is being formulated, nature sends forth a cloudy veil to shroud the view – a metaphoric teaser of her reach – a true testament of her prowess of obscurity. I, for one, am truly humbled and appreciative of this momentous experience. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it has been a refreshing reminder that the grand narrative precedes our fleeting grasp of reality.