Went to the peak yesterday, but decided to save this picture for the last entry to conclude the trip. There was something serene about standing 554m above the city to take it all in. Amongst the cacophony of traffic and people chattering, I’m reminded of how energetic this city has always been.

Haven’t been to many places that leaves a troposphere of light beyond the city skyline. And there is a sense of familiarity in this city which makes me feel comfortable. Perhaps it’s the spoken language, a reminder of my own grandma lamenting at me, “廣東人唔識講廣東話!” (which roughly translates to, “you’re cantonese but you don’t know how to speak the language!”).

Thanks grandma, for nagging at me to brush up on my Cantonese. And thank you for the wonderful hospitality Hong Kong. I will probably be back at some point, but hopefully not in another decade. Until next time..