About Me

I am an eloquent and persuasive individual with exceptional spoken and written communication skills. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, I have specialized in content delivery through Broadcast Media.

Throughout my career, I have gained valuable professional experience across diverse industries, always seeking opportunities that enhance my core discipline and passion: the Media. In my personal time, I actively engage with media consumption, production, and critical analysis, demonstrating my unwavering dedication to this field. I have compiled a personal portfolio that showcases my participation in media-related endeavours.

Currently, I hold the position of Multimedia Support Manager at Global Vision Multimedia, where I provide on-site support at a Global Financial Group. In this role, I am responsible for producing and delivering time-sensitive media content to both internal and external stakeholders.


Film & Television

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Geylang (2022)

Theatrical Performances

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Frozen the Musical

Photography & Videography

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Mala on the Roof


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South Korea


Digital & Tabletop Gaming

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Minecraft Dungeons